Books By Judith Arnold

Independently Published Original Books


Dropkick***  (7/16)
Still Kicking***
Take the Long Way Home
** (3/16)
Moondance** (7/15)
Heat Wave** (4/15)
Wild Thing** (11/14)
True Colors** (11/14)
Changes** (11/14)
Almost an Angel* (9/13)
Holding Hands (11/12)

* A Daddy School Book
**The Magic Jukebox Series
***The Lainie Lovett Mysteries

Bell Bridge Books
The April Tree (6/13)
Good-bye To All That (3/12)

HCI True Vows
Meet Me In Manhattan (9/10)

MIRA Books
The Fixer Upper (6/05)
Blooming All Over (7/04)
Love In Bloom’s
 (trade paperback reissue—6/04)
Heart On The Line (8/03)
Looking For Laura (8/01)
Love In Bloom’s (6/02)

Harlequin Single Title
Hope Street (4/09)
Somebody’s Dad* (2/02)

*A Daddy School Book

Harlequin Anthologies
One For Each Night (Burning Bright-12/04)
Fools Rush In (Fool For Love-4/04)
In The Stars (Writen In The Stars-12/01)
Daddy’s Girl (All Summer Long-7/01)
Baby Jane Doe (Millennium Baby-1/00)
Rich Man, Poor Man (How To Marry A Millionaire-4/97)
Chocolate Kisses (My Valentine-2/93)

Harlequin Everlasting
The Marriage Bed (5/07)

Harlequin Superromances
Right Place, Wrong Time (7/03)
Hidden Treasures (3/03)
Hush Little Baby* (4/01)
‘Tis the Season* (11/00)
Birthright (8/00)
Dr. Dad* (3/00)
Found: One Son** ( 8/99)
The Wrong Bride (4/99)
Found: One Wife** (10/98)
Father of Two* (1/98)
Father Christmas* (12/97)
Father Found* (11/97)
Barefoot in the Grass (11/96)
Married to the Man (3/96)
Cry Uncle (3/95)
Alessandra and the Archangel (9/94)
The Parent Plan (1/94)
Flashfire (8/93)
The Woman Downstairs (7/92)
Raising the Stakes (7/91) 

*The Daddy School books
**Finders, Keepers miniseries 

Harlequin Temptations
Her Secret Lover (11/99)
Courting Trouble (9/97)
Timeless Love (12/95)
The Lady in the Mirror (11/95)
On Love’s Trail (9/86)

Harlequin Weddings By DeWilde Series
A Stranger’s Baby (10/96)

Harlequin Delta Justice Series
Legacy of Secrets (7/98)

Harlequin Hotel Marchand Series
In the Dark (6/06)

Harlequin Americans
The Marrying Type (10/94)
Private Lies (2/94)
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (7/93)
Just Like Romeo and Juliet (4/93)
Sweet Light (12/92)
Opposing Camps (8/92)
Trust Me (3/92)
Safe Harbor* (9/91)
A> Loverboy (5/91)
One Good Turn (2/91)
Change of Life*(10/90)
Lucky Penny (5/90)
Survivors (2/90)
Turning Tables (7/89)
One Whiff of Scandal (2/89)
Harvest the Sun (8/88)
Going Back (7/88)
Twilight (3/88)
Comfort and Joy (12/87)
Dreams* (8/87)
Commitments* (7/87)
Promises* (6/87)
Best Friends (3/87)
Man and Wife (8/86)
Special Delivery (5/86)
Jackpot (2/86)
Flowing to the Sky (12/85)
A Modern Man (8/85)
Come Home to Love (5/85)

*Keeping The Faith trilogy

Silhouette Desires (w/a Ariel Berk)
A Package Deal (10/89)
Peace of Mind (5/89)
Together Again (5/88)
Playing With Matches (12/97)
Game, Set, Match (2/87)
No Plan For Love (9/86)
Teacher’s Pet (12/85)
False Impressions (10/85)
Breaking the Ice (6/85)
Hungry For Love (3/85)
Remedies of the Heart (12/84)
Promise of Love (8/84)
Silent Beginnings (10/83)

Second Chance At Love (w/a Thea Frederick)
Beloved Adversary (7/84)

University of Pennsylvania Press 
“Women Do,” essay in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance
Writers on the Appeal of the Romance

Mass-Market Edition, Harper Monogram (June/96)

Scarecrow Press 
“This I do for me,” essay in North American Romance Writers (1999)